Behind The Scenes

The FOSS Clothing Team
Charlie Byron , FOSS Clothing
Charlie Byron
A 20 year old university student who first came up with the FOSS name through a nickname he had for his grandfather. Charlie began the FOSS initiative in a bid to create something special amongst the  community. Charlies main responsibilities is liaising with manufacturers, retailers and designers. Photoshoot organisation, social media management, stock management and retailers as well as lending a hand in design production. Regardless of how long some of these processes take, its all worth it for Charlie to see the brand develop and the FOSS family grow in size!
Lachlan Coopes, FOSS Clothing
Lachlan Coopes
Also overseeing the brand, 21 year old Lachy Coopes, who was a massive part in the development progress of FOSS in the early days. His eye for detail and knack for innovation always helps the brand move forward. Lachy sources various resources for the brand, manages design management, tagging and pricing of retailer products. Lachy also works closely alongside Charlie in making sure all website production, marketing decisions and product developments hit the mark. 
Liz Richards
The FOSS team designer, a very timely worker that allows the boys to bring their ideas to life. Not every design is straight forward and easy to produce, some rack up hours of work, despite this, Liz always comes up with winners that we now see on all FOSS products!
Hettie Moore
The unofficial photographer for FOSS. Without her, no moment or product would look as good as they do in photo. A turning point for FOSS was upgrading their image quality, a point that the boys could of never reached without Hettie. 
The pretty faces in front of the camera, all do it for the love of the brand and we love having them showcase our favourite products! Our models:
Kat Coopes, Josh Bellgard, Ella Gurry, Jaco Jansen van Rensburg, Georgina Conti, Jess Crane, Ella McElroy and Mischa Hartley-Auguste